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Sn Project Title Details Year
1 Harke, A Small Farmer- Tupche. How small farmers can acquire loans from the ďSmall Farmerís Development Project (SFDP)Ē to increase their farm production is depicted in this production. 1983
2 Labour Intensive Construction of Community Hill Irrigation Scheme Describes the irrigation projects undertaken by the International Labour Organization (ILO). The importance of irrigation for a country where the majority of the people depend on agriculture for their livelihood is highlighted here. 1984
3 Ray of Hope The activities of the Small Farmerís Development project (SFDP) Run by the Agricultural Development Bank (ADB/N) are documented here. 1985
4 Sukkha Jamin, Bagdo Pani (Dry Land, Running Water) The irrigation needs and efforts involved for developing irrigation in Ramghat are shown in this film. Ramghat is a remote village situated in Surkhet, in mid-western Nepal. 1986
5 Upaya (Poultry Keeping in Cages) This film helps to promote the cage system of poultry keeping among small farers in different parts of the country. It illustrates the efforts of the farmer who devised this method. 1986
6 Fishing in Captivity The video shows how small farmers use big lakes to raise fish and the possible problems involved that can arise, when raising fish. 1986
7 Tarkari Berna Utpadan (Raising Vegetable Seedlings) It is about training aid for trainers to train farmers on how vegetable seedlings should be raised in nurseries. 1986
8 Lift Irrigation in Karmasingh Phant The video shows how technology can be used to irrigate fields higher than river-level. 1986
9 Cattle Farming in Gitanagar The problems faced by the cattle farmers of Gitanagar Village Panchayat are shown here. 1986
10 The Other Alternative Mushroom cultivation is an alternative means to generate income for farmers living around the cities. This video contains the method of mushroom cultivation, its prospects and problems. 1986
11 Water From the Sun The video shows how water from deep wells is pumped out with use of Solar Power and how the utilization of water can be maximized adopting drip irrigation system. 1986
12 Gaon Ghar Ma Bijuli (Electricity in the Villages ) This is the success story of three ADB-supported rural electrification projects. 1986
13 Sprinkle Irrigation and Vegetable Cultivation This video shows success case stories of small farmers who have increased their income by vegetable cultivation using appropriate technology to utilize small and scarce water resources found in hilly areas of Nepal. 1987
14 Madhubasha: An example of Self-help Shows the story of the effectiveness of local leadership and collective efforts of small farmers who have undertaken multiple income-generating and community development activities. 1987
15 Roar Pump (An alternative to minor irrigation) This film shows how low-cost manually operated roar pumps helps small farmers to raise their income, and the uses of roar pumps for different purposes. 1987
16 Farmers Managed Irrigation In Nepal Activities of Irrigation project in Tikapur district. 1988
17 International Labour Organisation Presents (Part I) The film highlights the activities of ILO, focusing mainly on building of the flood damaged structures and irrigation canals in Sindhuli district. 1988
18 New Technologies in Nepal (Part II) This film is based on ILOís special labour intensive public works programís experience with introduction of new appropriate technologies for the rehabilitation and repair of the flood damaged rural structures in Sindhuli district. 1988
19 Farmer Managed Irrigation in Nepal Assistance to farmer managed irrigation is the highlight this film. International Irrigation Management Institute (IIMI) approach to this topic is to understand the organizational structure and institutes developed by farmers to manage irrigation. 1988
20 ACTI-profile It is a profile of Agricultural Credit Training Institute (ACTI) of Agricultural Development Bank, Nepal. 1988
21 Banking Activities of ADBN This film explains why agricultural Development Bank entered in the banking sector and how the money collected in the urban sector is invested in the rural areas. 1988
22 Irrigation from Dry River This video film explains how the small farmers of Birendra Nagar Small Farmers Development project (SFDP) took initiative to irrigate their dry field taking water from the nearby river. 1988
23 Biogas in the Kathmandu Valley This film is about the impact of the biogas program of the Bank. 1988
24 National Seminar/Workshop on Training Activities. This film is about Training Program on Rural Banking 1988
25 Low Cost Housing It is about how the Bank has designed and helped to build low Cost Housing for small farmers. 1988
26 His Majesty the King Visits the Farms It contains the messages of the big and small farmers who received an audience with His Majesty The King during a tour of the Eastern Development Region of Nepal. 1988
27 Pocket Area Impact of ADBN in Eastern Development Region This film highlights the impact of ADBN activities in the eastern Development Region including the SFDP activities. 1988
28 Chhito Chharito Banking This film is about the Commercial activities of the Bank. 1988
29 Bankís Help to the Farmers of Jumla ADBNís program in Jumla- a remote district, are highlighted in this film. 1988
30 Our Efforts This film is about the activities of the Bank on the occasion of the 22nd Bank Day. 1988
31 Vegetable Production In Nepal This video film, completed for FAO, is about the growth of new varieties of vegetables production Nepal; how FAO and HMG together are expanding the farming of high yielding seasonal vegetables in different ecological belts of the country. 1989
32 Development Efforts This video film deals with the efforts made by the agricultural Development Bank of Nepal in various part of the country including Small Farmersí Development programme sites. 1989
33 Fast and Efficient Banking Service This film is about modern banking procedures using computers. 1989
34 Livestock Health Program This video film deals with the role of livestock Department and the Agricultural Development Bank in providing service to livestock raised by SFDP farmers. 1989
35 Appropriate Housing This film is about low-cost housing for small farmers of rural areas of Nepal 1989
36 Low-cost Stove This video film shows how a stove can be designed to save energy and make the surrounding smokeless. 1989
37 Bio-gas Energy and Solar Power Electricity This video film shows how biogas energy can be useful and electricity can be generated for lighting from solar power. 1989
38 Water Supply and Electricity in Swargadwari This video film is about the supply of water and electricity in a village in Swargadwari in Piuthan district of Nepal. 1989
39 Renovation of Muktinath Area This is a documentary video film about renovation of Muktinath area. 1989
40 Bankís Assistance to Farmers This is a documentary about Agriculture Development Bankís assistance to small farmers. 1989
41 Parterres in Irrigation It is a process documentation of a pilot project of irrigation Sector Support Project launched in the Western Development Region of the country. This program shows different stages of farmerís participation in implementing the irrigation schemes. 1992
42 Sloping Agriculture land Technology-SALT-A new hope for the mountain Farmer A documentary film on Sloping Agriculture Land Technology-SALT-A new hope for the mountain farmer produced for ICIMOD. 1993
43 Small Farmerís Development Program A video film on ď Small Farmerís Development ProgramĒ was produced for UNICEF 1993

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