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Sn Project Title Details Year
1 Ghodejatra (Horse Festival) It is a Horse Festival, which takes place in Kathmandu Valley once a year. 1983
2 Navabaja of Bhaktapur The film covers traditional music of Bhaktapur. 1985
3 Gaijatra and Indrajatra This film is about two important cultural events annually celebrated in Kathmandu valley. Gaijatra is a humorous and satirical festival in which criticisms are brought out. Some ethnic groups of the valley celebrate this festival in memory of the deceased family members by distributing fruits and sweets and taking saint-consumed teenage boys around the valley. 1986
4 Sakvala Naka Dhala It is about the procession of Manandhars (on techniques) and their traditional music. 1986
5 Dances of Bhaktapur This film revolves around cultural dances of Jyapu and Prajapati communities and their life style of Bhaktapur district of Nepal. 1989
6 Maniringdu Festival A film on Maniringdu Fesival ( A Lama Dance) of Thyanvoche- about 12.000 ft. high from the sea level northern part of Nepal. It gives a colorful view of the dances being performed in the backdrop of the awe-inspiring Himalayas. The film was produced by the Worldview Nepal in collaboration with the Himalayan Heritage Foundation. 1994

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