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Development Approach

Sn Project Title Details Year
1 To Revive a Fallen Kingdom It is concerned with the evaluation of the Bhaktapur Projects and suggests that local know-how should be combined with modern knowledge and technology to make a program successful. 1982
2 A Brief Introduction to WIF/REDD BARNA Project Activities of WIF/REDD BARNA Project in brief are shown here. 1984
3 Letter from the Hills It is about instruction material of Danish Volunteers who want to work in remote parts of Nepal. 1985
4 Training for Income Generation, TRUGA The film traces the training process of TRUGA Project for income-generation groups covering the planning phase, training design content, training delivery, follow-ups and evaluation. 1986
5 An SFDP Case Khopasi It introduces the village, Khopasi, to foreign delegates prior to their field visit there. 1986
6 SFDP Trainers’ Workshop It is concerned with typical training situation for trainers and proper handling of the session. 1986
7 Our Services Shows the main activities of the Agriculture Development Bank of Nepal; the services offered by the Bank to small farmers and its achievement status. 1987
8 A Change of a Lifetime A four series on experience and evaluation of the WIF/CIDA experiential project along with the Women Development Section of the Ministry of Panchayat and Local Development. The main focus of the project is to support a program called “Production Credit for Rural Women’ by strengthening communication ties between rural remote areas and the urban center. 1988
9 PCRW an Introduction This is a document of the project entitled “production Credit for Rural Women ” launched by Women Development Division, Ministry of Local Development of His Majesty’s Government. Group formation techniques, training and income generating activities are some of the aspects that have been highlighted in this 20-minute production. 1988
10 World summit for Child Two-30 seconds spots are made for UNICEF on World Summit for Child, which was broadcast, from Nepal Television. 1989
11 Education in Crisis This Worldview Nepal production focuses on current problem facing the education sector in Nepal. It shows the poor condition of school, classroom and the quality of education in general. 1991
12 Simraungadh – A Historical Place A documentary film on “Simraungadh – A Historical Place” in Bara district- the southern part of Nepal. The film is a joint production of Worldview Nepal and Nepal Television. The film focuses on the historical heritage of the site and brought into light the urgent need to maintain and preserve them. 1994
13 Ranighat ko Niyati A documentary film on “ Ranighat ko Niyati” in Palpa district – the western part of Nepal. The film is a joint production of Worldview Nepal and Nepal Television directed by Ms. Deepa Gautam of the NTV. The film focuses on the site of the ancient palace and brought into light the urgent need to maintain and preserve them. 1994

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