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Sn Project Title Details Year
1 Shiva’s Gift Shows how over population has contaminated water sources. Water – considered to be the gift of Lord Shiva – in the hills is no longer safe for drinking. 1982
2 The Point of Encounter Made for health workers with special emphasis on how they should treat leprosy. 1982
3 Peritenoscopy for Surgeons Shows live heart operation and lecture at Bir Hospital, Kathmandu. 1983
4 Nursing in Nepal A motivational and promotional video program made with the aim of encouraging nursing in Nepal. 1983
5 Voluntary Surgical Contraception in Nepal It is about a training program for medical officers and senior public health personnel on the techniques of sterilization. 1984
6 A 4 Part Series on ORS: A Simple Solution;
Diarrhoea: How and Why, Diarrhoea and Nutrition, Bottle Feeding and Diarrhoea
7 Dhankuta Project Aims at taking basic health care system to the village level by giving adequate training and improving the working conditions of the health workers first. 1985
8 Nun Chini Pani Ko Mahatwa ( The Importance of Salt Sugar Water ) Describes in detail the effects of dehydration and “Nun Chini Pani” (Salt Sugar Water) as the solution for dehydration. 1985
9 Video in a Doko A research program on the usage of Salt Sugar and Water solution for children suffering from Diarrhoea in villages of the hill and terai areas of Nepal. 1985
10 So You Would Like to Help Her? It is a presentation of a Finnish Health post in Okhaldhunga. 1986
11 Hamro Swasthya (Our Health) Shows local health problems and solutions through local initiations. (Made by the Ramghat women in Ramghat) 1986
12 Sanjivani ( Nun Chini Pani Rock Video) Music video featuring Nun Chini Pani. 1986
13 Primary Health Movement in Paanchkhal Aims to reduce child mortality parasite control and enhance the family planning program. 1986
14 Nun Chini Pani Advertisement Advertisement on preparation of Nun Chini Pani Shosing the Exact measurement of the ingredients. 1987
15 “Nun Chini Pani”- Documentation ( Phase I) Documentation of UNICEF/WIF Communications for Child Survival Project. The joint UNICEF/WIF Project for Child Survival aims to spread the messages on “ Nun Chini Pani” (Rehydration Solution) through social mobilization, mixed media campaign, production and distribution of materials on Oral Rehydation. Therapy and demonstration on preparation of Salt, Sugar and Water solution. 1988
16 “Nun Chini Pani” –Documentation (Phase II) Village level workshop and preparation of Oral Rehydration Therapy and distribution of materials to district level networks have been the major activities of the second phase of the “UNICEF/WIF Communication for Child Survival” Project. 1988
17 “Nun Chini Pani Documentation (Phase III) Documentation of project activities from November 1787 to December 1988. 1988
18 Pani Ek Aawashyakata (Water- A Need) This film explains the need of proper drinking water system in Uttarganga ( Made by the Women of Uttarganga in mid-Western Nepal). 1988
19 Pani (Water) This film mainly focuses on the Lutheran World Service, water schemes in Baglung district in Western Nepal. Besides the technical aspects related to the construction of the water schemes, much emphasis in placed on water related activities, such as personal hygiene, sanitation, use of surplus or waste water from the taps etc. 1988
20 Hatemalo A new approach to community health workers and parents of the handi -capped children to rehabilitate these children in normal society. 1988
21 Jeevan Jal ( The Life Saving Solution) A 30 second advertisement on Oral Rehydration Solution. 1988
22 Drugs A short film depicting the problem of drug abuse in the country. This was made by trainees to be shown at a workshop on drug abuse. 1988
23 Sanu ( NCP- Documentation- Drama) A educational Docu-Drama on Nun Chini Pani (Oral Rehydration Therapy). 1988
24 Recognize the Disease This program assembled for UNICEF/Nepal shows different stages of various types of diseases. 1989
25 Polio Spots The seven different polio spots each of 1-minute duration are made for “Expanded program on Immunization” executed by Worldview, UNICEF and EPI Division of His Majesty’s Government. 1989
26 Sachyauna Nasakine Galti This dramatized program on family planning highlights various problems associated with the big family and thereby communicate effectively the advantages of having smaller families. 1989
27 Immunization in Nepal This program shows about the technical aspect of Immunization. Information is provided and the venue of immunization regarding the time and venue for immunization. 1991
28 Abhiyan It’s a documentation of Nutritional Blindness Prevention pilot Project undertaken by Worldview/Nepal. It shows the initial part of project activities. 1991
29 Immunization through Communication It’s a documentation of Expanded Program on Immunization (EPI) Project. It shows different communication tools used for popularizing the immunization campaign. 1992
30 Nightblindness and its Prevention This docu-drama on night blindness provides information on various ways to prevent night blindness as well as measures that need to be taken in case of night blindness. 1992
31 Problems of Drinking Water This program deals with problems associated with drinking water shortage in Kathmandu valley. It also shows the cause of drinking water shortage in Kathmandu valley as well as focuses on the quality of drinking water supplied to the consumers. 1992
32 Rato Pool It’s a dramatized program showing the advantages of birth spacing 1992
33 Ratandho ra Yaski Niwaran ko Upaya (Nightblindness and Its Prevention Method) This film was directly related to the Nutritional Blindness Prevention Pilot Project implemented by Worldview Nepal. 1993
34 Yethartha (The Reality) A docudrama film on AIDS problem in Nepal entitled “Yethartha ( The Reality) “ is a depiction of the real situation in this country. The story is narrated by a journalist as he observes the development of the whole situation from the beginning to the death of the hero of the film. The film was highly appreciated by the Nepal Television audience and the local press.
The film was shot in the hill area that is vulnerable to this disease and girl trafficking. Except the few artists who played the leading roles, the entire cast of the film hailed from the village it self.
35 Aids and We A documentary film on “Aids and We” 1994

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