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Productions: Video
Sn Project Title Details Year
1 Manche Le Manche Right to Life (ECAPHR, EU) 2004
2 Basain Protection of Civilian (ECAPHR, EU) 2004
3 Trasit Protection of Civilians; Disappearance (ECAPHR, EU) 2004
4 Sasu Buhari Protection of Civilians During Armed Conflict (ECAPHR, EU) 2004
5 Yatana Excessive Use of Torture (ECAPHR, EU) 2004
6 Beli Right to Medical Treatments and Family Visits (ECAPHR, EU) 2004
7 Ko Han? Right to Travel Within or Outside the Country (ECAPHR, EU) 2004
8 Shikshya Schools: A Zone (ECAPHR, EU) 2004
9 Garvawati Buhari Special Protection of Pregnant Women and Women with Little Children (ECAPHR, EU) 2004
10 Bepatta Protection of Children during Armed Conflict (ECAPHR, EU) 2004
11 Logneko Bato Treatment of Unarmed (ECAPHR, EU) 2004
12 Fulmati Protection Against Sexual Exploitation and Harassment (ECAPHR, EU) 2004
13 Prerana This video was made to highlight success stories of former bonded labourers and to encourage others. The video was broadcast on national TV and screened at the targeted community level. 2004
14 Steps to Peace The 20-minute video documentary depicts the outcome of the first workshop in which participants made recommendations for peace 2003
15 FACTS video A video production about the FACTS programme in the 3 countries has been made use as both an advocacy tool and a training guide for SRH professionals 2001
16 Women as Commercial Farmers Food and Agricultural Organization/ Agricultural Ministry 1997-1999
17 Competence Video Training WIF/NORAD 1998

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