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Women and Development

Sn Project Title Details Year
1 Women in Gorkha (Part One) A two-part series on employment and fertility of women in Gorkha – one of 75 districts in Nepal. This production show how a certain section of women are benefited by the construction of a motorable road while other women lost their normal jobs of carrying loads on their backs. The production concentrates on women’s work. How women are benefited by the Small Farmer’s Development project (SFDP) is also shown in this documentary. 1982
2 Gorkha Women (Part two) Second part of the above production. Country to the general belief that is prevalent in the developed world that working women have fewer children, this production shows that work and the bearing of children go hand in hand, at least, in the hills of Nepal. 1982
3 Dialogue Based on the evaluation study of eleven projects on women in Nepal. 1983
4 On her Way Story about girls studying for teacher training courses run by UNICEF in Dhankuta 1985
5 Priceless Crafts A production, which intends to highlight women’s involvement in the Association for Craft Producers in Kathmandu. 1985
6 Hamro Karyakram, Hamro Sandesh (Our Activities, our Message) It is about the activities of the Women Development Section in Ramght a village in mid-western Nepal. This programme was made by the rural women and the WDS women in Ramghat. 1986
7 Uses of video for Development Show the use of video in rural areas to increase community participation. Documentation of initial stage of community project being run in Ramghat, Surkhet. 1986
8 A New Hope The policies and activities of the Women Development Section of the Ministry of Panchayat and Local Development for the overall development of women in Nepal are shown in this film. 1986
9 Rural Women in participatory Communication- Workshop II This is a coverage of the workshop in which rural women and policy madders and planners sat together to discuss and act upon the problems and needs of the women of Ramghat. 1987
10 Berozgari, Ek Samasya (Unemployment, A Problem) Shows the problem of unemployment in Uttarganga, a village panchayat in Surkhet, in far western Nepal, and the solutions as identified by the women there. 1987
11 “Rural Women in Participatory Communication” Workshop- III The third and final workshop in which rural women and policy makers and planners sat together to discuss and evaluate the outcome of 2 year “ communication project of Tamghat and Uttarganga”. 1988

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