About Us


Worldview International Foundation/ Nepal (WIF/N) an affiliate of Worldview International Foundation, was established in 1981. WIF/N had an agreement with the Ministry of Communications to implement communication activities on “developmental, educational, cultural and information matters”. WIF/N has been a catalyst in the instituting and in the development of television, and innovative radio technology in Nepal. Its innovative approaches, such as the introduction of interactive video, have lead to notable advances in the country’s communication structure. One of WIF/N’s major contributions has been in training and building capacity of the television workforce. Many leading media personalities have been associated with Worldview as resource persons, trainees and staff during the course of its two decades long existence.

Worldview Nepal was a member of the consortium that promoted the first public broadcasting station in Nepal, Radio Sagarmatha, and is credited with helping several community based groups establish a series of Community Audio Towers (CATS) in various parts of Nepal.

Since the 1980s WIF/N implemented several communications projects for development. These include a successful Multi-Media National ORT Campaign, Social Marketing of Immunization in Nepal project, a Prevention of Night Blindness project, the use of communications in the Small Farmer’s Development Project, and an innovative participatory video project for women with the Ministry of Local Development. This project has had successful replication in Bangladesh and in Sri Lanka.

The organization has been especially instrumental in advocating the use of communications as an integral part of national advancement. An example of this is the Participatory Communication for Democracy and Sustainable Development Project (PCDSD) project, which established a network of NGOs and CBOs throughout the country to enable dissemination of information at the community level. Another initiative has been the successful conclusion of the Facilitating Adolescent in Communicating and Training in Sexual Health (FACTS) project. 6000 disadvantaged youth of Nuwakot and Nawalparasi, were educated on Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) issues, with the objective of making them better decision makers. It was through a series of Roundtable discussions that groups of youth started a process of dialogue being aided by facilitators, multimedia tools, resources materials and experts.

The brief outline of experiences and activities described clearly demonstrates that Worldview Nepal has played a unique role in contributing to national development, by using communications for promoting knowledge on varied themes for improving the condition of the Nepalese people.